Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Report 1/2/14

Currently Reading (fiction)The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Steig Larsson

I’m still reading this, going through about a chapter a day. Book generally meeting my expectations based on what I remember from the film (well over a year since I viewed that). I find the overuse of the phrase ‘glass cage’ to describe the editor’s office at Erika Berger’s new place of employment a little annoying. I think I get the point. Also I’m not entirely sure how the Berger subplot is relevant, will work into the resolution of the main story about Lisbeth Salander. Seems like an unrelated subplot that is just wasting my time, but maybe Larsson will surprise me and it will tie significantly into the main plot by the end of the novel.

Currently Reading (nonfiction): Carthage Must be Destroyed by Richard Miles

Have not read any additional chapters here. You expect more time to read during the holidays, but sometimes you have less.

On the Horizon (nonfiction): A Writer's Guide to Characterization by Victoria Lynn Schmidt

New book on the craft of writing (first I have purchased in a couple of years). Looks like it will provide character archetypes that might be useful in creating characters and give some solid advice on how to make these different character types interact with one another. Full report pending.

Book Report 12/26/13

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