Thursday, January 23, 2014

Not the Book Report

So normally on Thursday, if any action that has been performed only over the span of four weeks can be considered normal, I post something I call the Book Report, providing some overview and opinion on whatever books I happen to be reading at the time. This seemed like a no brainer way to consistently create content for this blog. I’m always reading something. This week, however, I find that I have not read much of the new non-fiction books I am working on, and that I’ve expended all of the current complaints I have with The Girl WhoKicked the Hornet’s Nest. So, in lieu of a Book Report I’ve posted this video I made out of some dash cam footage during yesterday’s morning commute, the day after what we here in Southeastern Virginia call a winter storm (aka The End of the World). Also this bonus snow photo of the pond and woods outside of my window.


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