Friday, March 14, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday: Introduction

The flash fiction piece published in the next post (the one above this) was produced in response to Chuck Wendig’s weekly Flash Fiction Challenge (full details below). Based on random number generation, I needed to write a story featuring An Ancient Tree and A Pair of Detectives. I decided to use a couple of characters I had already created, private detective Martin Cutter and police detective Danielle Monroe. The tree doesn’t get much screen time, and I added A Hard Drive Filled With Secrets because I needed a MacGuffin of some sort.

Chuck’s Challenge:

I’ve got two lists at the bottom. Pick (or randomly choose with dice or a random number generator) one from each list, then make sure your flash fiction contains each of those things.

That’s it. Easy-peasy, Ramona-and-Beezy.

You’ve got an upgraded 1500 words. Due in one week (March 14th). Post it at your online space of choice. Drop a link to your completed story in the comments below. Any genre. 

Now, the lists…

1. A lover’s betrayal.
2. A dead body without a face.
3. A mysterious — perhaps even magical — photograph.
4. An antique gun.
5. A terminal illness.
6. An ancient tree.
7. A time machine.
8. A monster.
9. A faithful hound.
10. A talking cat.

1. A distant outpost.
2. An infernal bargain.
3. A pair of detectives.
4. A stolen treasure.
5. A forgotten manuscript.
6. An escaped prisoner.
7. A hard drive filled with secrets.
8. A plane or train ride.
9. A piece of lost technology.
10. A comatose patient.

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