Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Cold and Broken Hallelujah (Long Beach Homicide): 100 Word Book Review*

I spent quite a bit of time wading through samples of Kindle Books that I had downloaded before finding one that was interesting enough to continue reading. Tyler Dilts' A Cold and Broken Hallelujah (Long Beach Homicide) grabbed me with an interesting opening and above average prose. A first person narrative, told from the perspective of a Long Beach Homicide detective named Danny Beckett, Hallelujah never rises above it’s standard homicide detective novel aspirations. The story meanders a little too much through the middle for my taste, and the conclusion is satisfying only in the most standard way, no real surprises here and the ultimate motive for the inciting murder is somewhat disappointing. Still, Dilts can write prose that entertains, and his characters are generally well drawn, so in spite of its weaknesses Hallelujah is an entertaining read.

*100 word reviews are 100 words long, more or less. Often more.

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