Sunday, June 11, 2017

An Oft Neglected Blog

The last time that I posted anything to this blog, Barack Obama was still the president of the United States. That was only a few short months ago, although it seems like the longest few short months in the history of the republic. While I don’t think I can directly blame the current administration (or lack thereof) for my inactivity, watching your own civilization teeter toward self-immolation certainly doesn’t inspire great bouts of creativity. Or perhaps it should. Great art often comes from dark times. 

Blogging, of course, as a thing, has become somewhat passé. Facebook displaced much of the social functioning of blogs; and Microblogging through Twitter, and photo and video blogging through Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube meet most internet users online sharing needs. But there is something to be said for the length of expression allowed by blogging, the capacity to write more than a few words about any given topic. The key is having something to say, and to say it regularly enough to keep the blog’s readers interested.

Of course, I have never been that consistent a blogger. Some months I might make two or three posts. Other months, or block of months, I might post absolutely nothing at all. I don’t know that in the future I will do that much better, but however long the bouts of silence, I do plan to continue blogging here. Look for posts in July on villains in comic book movies, reviews of the latest seasons of Better Call Saul and Fargo, and maybe a new post on political institutions as portrayed in science fiction. Yeah, in July. Or August at the latest.

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